As Chicago continues to grow as a hub for startups and entrepreneurs, the Rapunzl team was proud to present at the inaugural FUND conference this past weekend. The FUND conference aims to bridge the gap between investors and fast-growing companies by giving start-ups a platform to preach their business plans. So we took the stage and preached the importance of financial fluency, and the exhibition’s attendees voted us in as a finalist from a crowd of over 100 other startups!


We shared the spotlight alongside some of the fastest-growing startups in Chicago and managed to surpass $350,000 in our current round of fundraising. Even more exciting is that over half of that has come from individual users buying a piece of the platform they’re helping grow.


We spent some time getting to know CEOs of companies ranging from the AI space to an amateur Mixed Martial Arts league. It was great to hear their visions and discover potential partners also interested in achieving financial fluency by building in the Fintech space, including Saveup, a free financial management app that helps individuals save money and pay off debts. Similar to our periodical competitions, Saveup uses prizes to incentivize its users to continue saving and making the most efficient use of their financials.


We look forward to sharing our bright future with many of the investors and companies we had the fortune of meeting this past weekend. By surrounding yourself with a greater understanding of the markets, you can continue to step closer to financial fluency. We are stronger as groups as we continue to invest smarter, together.