The Numbers Are (almost) In…

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Earnings Szn

The market bounced back from a red October following several strong earnings reports as the S&P (S&P) has already gained 2.5% this week following its worst month in 7 years.

Market leaders like Facebook (FB) and Starbucks (SBUX) climbed 6% and 8% respectively after beating earnings, despite both companies experiencing a difficult past month.

DowDuPont (DWDP) gained 8% following its earnings beat, its greatest move since 2015. Apple (AAPL), however, fell victim to lower-than-expected iPhone sales as it fell nearly 7% after hours on Thursday.


Trading Tweets

The market’s recent rally was also helped after Trump announced on Twitter (TWTR) on Thursday that trade discussions with China “are moving along nicely.” However, according to a senior White House official, a comprehensive trade deal with China is still far from reality.

Investors are looking for positive negotiations after worldwide markets, specifically Chinese companies, took massive hits following the tariff exchanges. Chinese President Xi Jinping said that he was open to continuing trade discussions at the G-20 summit, which starts on November 30th.

This will be an interesting event to follow as the short-term future of equities, specifically Chinese-related tech, will be weighing heavily on their conversations.